Extruded Rubber Kit - XK120 Coupe

This Extruded Rubber Kit is for the XK120 Coupe. Included in the kit:

  • Sill & Hinge Pillar Rubber
  • Door Sealing Rubber
  • Trunk Rubber
  • License Plate Rubber
  • Transmission Tunnel Dust Seal
  • Tee Rubber
  • Rear Vent Window Sealing Rubber
  • Splash Panel Sealing Rubber

We do not make any substitutions or deletions to our kits. Please note, we are using a generic picture of an extruded kit. Rest assured, you will receive the correct parts as listed above.

  • Item #: RKIT7C
  • Condition: New

Extruded Rubber Kit - XK120 Coupe

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