Convertible Top (Anti-Drum Shot Bag) - XKE Series I Roadster

This is the Canvas Convertible Top with the anti-drum shot bag for the XKE Series I Roadster. It is made with folded, reinforced, and top stitched borders like the originals. This top comes with the lead filled anti-drum bag. The shot filled bag was added because the top vibrates and makes noise. All tops have the metal reinforced with leather or vinyl. Tops come in Stayfast Canvas or German Cloth. German Cloth is NOT stocked. Please keep this in mind, as it may impact delivery time. Delivery takes 4-6 weeks.

Select the option for Top, Bow, and Seal and receive 10% off the total value.

  • Canvas Convertible Top
  • Front Bow
  • Top to Windshield Seal

We're also offering 10% off the purchase of any Wood Bow when you buy a Convertible Top using coupon code BOW2015.

  • Item #: OT17B
  • Condition: New

Convertible Top (Anti-Drum Shot Bag) - XKE Series I Roadster

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